Bubble implosions in a Cavitation Engine

Our Cavitation Engine harnesses the power of Cuolombic Explosions. You may remember from as far back as highschool chemistry, teachers would toss a tiny bit of Sodium into Water, and a dramatic explosion would ensue. Impressive, but these explosions were never harnessed in an engine, and no one considered that this could be a clean form of Atomic Energy, without radiation or carbon emissions. In this video we will discuss the path of taking this game changing form of Clean and Inexpensive Alternative Energy, into the forefront of American efforts to power America. We hope to hear your thoughts on this after you watch the video.

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Additional Reading - Current Studies and Papers on Cavitation and related processes.

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"On the possibility of hydroelectric fusion"   By Dr Nigel Dyer


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Desalinization the way it should be done.

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