Creating Superheated steam by combusting saltwater.

A typical diesel-powered cargo ship in the ocean will burn about 3.5 million dollars of highly polluting Bunker fuel per month. An electric Cargo ship with electrical power produced by the MIE Engine and a turbine could cross the Atlantic as many times as desired, running only on saltwater as fuel—no diesel, no carbon emissions, no other fuel but saltwater.

The Molecular Impact Engine (MIE) is in the first phase of producing a Demonstration Prototype. It will prove that the engine will release more heat and kinetic energy than is required to ACTIVATE the combustion.

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The superheated steam produced and directed at a turbine will spin blades and magnets to produce electricity; thus MIE becomes an ideal power solution for Cargo Shipping, Yachting, Electric power grids, and Desalination. The MIE engine is also ideally suited for the Natural Gas industry. It is expected to achieve Methane Steam Reforming in Natural Gas wells, where brine wastewater will become fuel, driving electrolysis or other processes to essentially turn gas wells into hydrogen wells, revolutionizing the American Economy.

In this video we will discuss the path of taking this game changing form of Clean and Inexpensive Alternative Energy, into the forefront of American efforts to power America.

Current Studies and Papers on Cavitation and related processes.